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Success in the world’s most competitive wine market requires insight and ingenuity, tempered by experience. Marketplace challenges faced by wine brands, companies, and associations can best be met through the creative and disciplined application of marketing resources. Wine Colleagues offers expertise in the planning, development, and execution of marketing initiatives.

Consumer research – Wine Opinions is the research arm of Wine Colleagues, and is the only research company which maintains a proprietary consumer panel of core wine drinkers. Custom research projects executed by Wine Opinions are uniquely insightful, targeted, timely, and cost-effective.

Brand development – The evolution of brand packaging, differentiation and positioning can leverage both market share and profitability. Experience and knowledge of the competitive environments and market segments provides a distinct advantage throughout this process.

Agency management – We have unparalleled experience in search, review, and direction of advertising, public relations, graphic design, consumer direct, and Internet marketing agencies. Agencies are only as good as the direction they receive.

Public relations – Successful use of the wine consumer, trade, and mainstream media begins with long-standing relationships with journalists, editors, and industry professionals. Creativity and expertise together deliver cost-effective and positive results.

Consumer direct – Mastery of emerging technologies provides highly targeted and efficient outreach to existing and new consumer populations. Traditional and Internet-driven direct to consumer campaigns can significantly broaden market reach and drive incremental sales growth.

The Consumer Research and Marketing practice of Wine Colleagues is directed by John Gillespie.